One: Arbitrary Ramblings on *The Journey*

Penelopê Who?

No one talks about Penelopê. Remember back when we were “forced” (well not me) to read the Odyssey? She was the wife of Odysseus. You know, he was the amazing hero who fought in the Trojan War and went on an epic mythical journey to get back home. Don’t worry, I forgot her name too and basically her existence in the mythical world in general. No one remembers Penelopê because her story isn’t super exciting. She was basically waiting for her husband to come back from war and hope to not get raped while she waited. I mean what did she do that whole time? Rumor has it she had a slew of men chillin’ at her house eating all her food, making a hot mess, and arguing about who has the biggest *sword*. They really knew how to wrangle a lady back in the day. All in the name of love, right? She was a lucky gal.

I initially was going to compare myself to Penelopê because her story doesn’t seem normal on the surface, but in reality I have zero in common with her and debatably a better life. I have no husband fighting battles around the world, no suitors lining up in my house, and definitely no children. Well, maybe I have a few things in common. I am always waiting for a husband to walk into my life. He can run also, or take a boat, or battle a Cyclopes. I’m game for it all. I do think that Penelopê and I do share the common trait of many women though. We both have a life that on the surface may seem banal but with closer inspection is quite interesting. Penelopê never got her story told, but there may still be time for mine. I may not have an odyssey to divulge, but maybe a pilgrimage that you might find interesting. Only one way to find out! Lets see if I can give Homer a run for his money.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” -Albus Dumbledore


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